Thirsty Golf is truly a unique product and first of its kind. The game was invented at a bar in New York City, when 2 friends were discussing the history of drinking games. A straw wrapper and a pint glass were the start of this. We put the straw on the glass and tried to land on it. The interesting part is that others were crowding around.  Patrick constantly brainstormed on this idea and other products. A few prototypes were developed, but the product sat for almost 10 years. The game got a new life on St. Patrick’s day 2011, when Patrick was introduced to Frankie at the Farm Bar and Grille. Frankie added  youth, creativity & graphic skills and they formed a business partnership.

The product launched in February 2012. The product is fully developed and sourced in the United States and copyright protected.

Our mission is to provide a new way to enjoy a beverage of your choice with friends. Sit down with friends have a conversation along with some healthy competition. Golf or a pint is always great for catching up with great friends and this brings the two worlds together. We will constantly be looking for ways to improve  the product, so we welcome your honest feedback on our website, twitter or Facebook. We have some focus items below for the company:

Collaboration: We are looking to collaborate with bars, restaurants, event teams & breweries on unique events and products.

Cause: We are committed to supporting various causes through unique events. Send us an idea and we will work with you.

Celebration:  Everyday is a celebration and we believe this product complements any type of party. Try a tourney or just bring out a set of 2 glasses.

There are 3 ways to obtain the product:

  • Online via our BUY section or Facebook
  • Bars Contact us for Wholesale purchases of 20 glasses or more
  • Events – We offer a special prices for events and will run a tournament with lots of cool stuff.

Disclaimer: We do not promote binge drinking and always recommend players drink responsibly. The products here are for recreational usage and are not required to be consumed with alcohol. We are not responsible for your actions upon selling you the Thirsty Golf product.


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  1. Hi, this is a message for Frankie Gwynne. I’m currently sat with Malcolm and Maria Gwynne in their home in Wales. I’m married to their daughter Angela and we’ve just been admiring your game. Would you post the game to Wales? We play a lot of pub golf here but your game is a brilliant improvement on an already interesting game. Kind regards mark

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