Events Page

Event Name                       Date                                    Host                          Champion

VIP Event                            January 19, 2012                 Farm Bar & Grille        Stepanie

Thirsty Thursday                March 29th, 2012                  Farm Dover                 .

TGA Farm Manchester      April 12th, 2012                     Farm Manchester        Nick L.

GMG Red Solo Cup Night    April 13th, 2012                   Dog Bar, Gloucester MA     Isaac

Dog Bar Thirsty Promotion    July 20th 2012                   Dog Bar, Gloucester MA

If you are a Bar or Events team and would like us to bring the game to you, email us We can also set you up with a wholesale order and materials to host your own regular Thirsty Golf night or host Tee Times!
Where to Play?

Here is a list of establishments where you can request to play Thirsty Golf:

The Farm Bar & Grille


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